Ashley Hebler

About me

Howdy, I'm Ashley Hebler and I've been crafting code and working on web teams for over 10 years. I specialize in building full-stack applications with a focus on user experience. I'm passionate about creating accessible products that are easy to use and solve real-world problems.

I'm currently working as an engineering manager at The Texas Tribune where I lead a team of engineers building digital news products.

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Recent work

Here's some open source work I can share.

This is a fun side project I built with Astro.js . I wanted a one stop shop for watching women's sports on TV.

taxonomy explorer

This is simple app I built to explore the WordPress taxonomy API using Next.js.

Sports Listings API

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This is an API I built to scrape sports listings from various sources. The database is Postgres.

Queso UI

This is a self documenting UI library I built with Node.js task runners. It's platform agnostic and can be used with any framework. (redesign)

I designed the original site and was brought back to redesign it. I used tailwind for the first time and it was a great experience.

Professional timeline

  1. The Texas Tribune Current

    Python Django React Vue Postgres AWS GCP

    We currently maintain a custom CMS for and a donations pipeline. We've also begun to experiment and AI and Machine Learning.

    Growth: leadership, communication and what it takes to build a high-performing team

  2. Cox Media Group

    PHP JavaScript

    I worked on an innovation team to build digital-first content plaforms. We primarily managed a suite of WordPress sites hosted in WordPress VIP.

    Growth: coding standards and best practices

  3. Volusion

    HTML CSS JavaScript Node.js

    I was on a large team of front-end developers. We worked on an e-commerce platform and I was responsible for building high volumes of custom themes for our customers.

    Growth: performance, accessibility, and fundamentals